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 "When I buy a hammer, I make something for you." - My father


The Forty One is a book about going home to care for my father, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs Disease in 2006 and passed away in 2011, and racing to restore an old car for him before he dies.  

My father got the '41 in the early 70s when I was around 2 years old. He took the car apart, painted it, and had every intention of restoring it completely, but just never quite put it back together. It sat in my backyard in various pieces for years and then in a garage for at least 20.  When I came home I decided that I'd give a shot at restoring the car. As ALS is a terminal disease, that is, always fatal, it became a race against the clock.

The Forty One is my first book. I made a living (barely) as a Nashville songwriter for most of the decade before I came home. As a caretaker, I found it difficult to dedicate time and energy needed to writing songs, but making notes here and there for this story, allowed me to continue to be creative and tell my father's story.