Happy to have some new tunes to share with you. Four songs produced by my good friend and multiistrumentalizer Justin Glasco. Justin, my Canadian brother Liam Russell, and I tracked these at the end of the year at Justin's studio in LA and finished them up here in Nashville this spring.

Have a listen if you so desire!

Produced/Mixed by Justin Glasco
Mastered by Hans DeKline

Waking Up 
Drums Guitar Keyboards Justin 
Bass Liam
Guitar Vocal Blu

This is as political of a song as I get. I wrote this a while back when lyrically I thought the content made sense. Turns out several years later...it still makes sense to me. That is to say, eh, wake up people.

There's Something Going On
Drum Keyboards Justin 
Bass Liam
Guitar Vocal Blu
BGVs Zoe Sky Jordan
Steel Spencer Cullum

This is one of my fav 80s songs by Frida (the singer of Abba). I've always wanted to do a slow moody version of it. Zoe Sky Jordan sings beautifully ethereally, as she always does, with me. My buddy Spencer Cullum haunts the pedal steel with an English accent.

Drums Guitar Keyboards Justin 
Bass Liam
Guitar Vocal Me
Lead Guitar James Robertson

I wrote this a while back with Drew Davis. If I remember correctly we were attempting to write something Nashville-ish like you do when you co write in Nashville. Mid-way we stopped. I tuned my guitar to a weird tuning. And we came up with something absolutely not Nashville but one of my favorite songs I've ever been a part of writing. Proud of these lyrics in particular. Happy to finally have a proper version recorded. Champagne James Robertson put a killer lead guitar track on this which I think was the magic touch.

Hard On a Heart
Piano Keyboards Bass Justin
Drums High String Guitar Liam 
Acoustic Vocal Blu

This song was on Ashley Monroe's last album Sparrow. We wrote it together with Paul Moak. Justin and Liam and I started this one like the other three. Justin on drums. Liam on bass. But we couldn't lock into anything so we changed it up. Justin got on the piano and he and I tracked it that way. Then Liam switched and added drums and an acoustic track.

And on all of these Justin plays a zillions other things big and small because he can't help himself :)